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The Organic Poultry Revolution Starts Here. 


Why Organic?  Why Local? 


People often ask us, why should I buy organic if it's often cheaper not to, and why buy local?  Our answer is simple.  It doesn't have to deal with fancy, it has to deal with quality.  What we put into our bodies is important- there are studies to support that hormones in our meat supply cause a number of health issues especially in young kids.  None of our animals have hormones, steroids, or any kind of drug.  They are raised naturally without any kind of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and that includes in their feed.  

And why should you buy locally- well it is more sustainable.  We create less of a carbon footprint and we farm closer to you.  There are no middle-men for you to deal with, your poultry products come straight from our farm to you so you can trust that you know the farmers who raised them.