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About Us


We believe that when you treat an animal with the love and respect it deserves, and give it the proper space and organic nutrients to grow you get a healthier more sustainable product.  

Farmers feed cities.  We feed towns and rural areas too.  We also feed ourselves which is why we would only create a product that we are proud to eat ourselves.  

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Hi!  Welcome to Fox Poultry.
Fox Poultry was founded in 2017 by my business partner Amy Aubin and myself, Debbie Hansen. We met by chance at a local farm store- both farming on separate properties. We both shared this passion for local organic food and free ranged animals. Together we have collaborated to make our dream of a successful poultry venture come true.  Even if our paths have separated now, I will continue what we build up together, with some help from young and motivated wwoofers/workers.

At Fox Poultry we have chickens; both meat chickens and laying hens; ducks, geese, some fancy poultry (because who can't resist a bantam cochin chicken!), and turkey.  We also have bee colonies who produce honey and pollen.  

We are free ranging our animals, allowing them to experience life outside and only use fencing parameters to keep predators out and letting our poultry into their homes at night both for warmth and to keep them safe.  We also believe in using GMO-free locally grown food for our animals.  We don't use any hormones, antibiotics, or harmful chemicals.

We aren't a large farm but we believe we play a role in a sustainable future by providing a local source of chicken that is raised in a humane and respectful way without creating a large footprint -and without the use of cages.  Every animal deserves to see as much sunlight in their day as possible just like humans and we give our love and dedication to all of our animals.  We believe it creates a healthier product that anyone can get behind. 





I started out farming by purchasing a large property out in the country by a lot of farms and quite a few years ago I began acquiring poultry with another family member.  I ended up loving the outdoor space and the animals so much that I chose to expand it into a larger venture with Amy.  I bring with me a formal education in Nursing and Personal Support Work.