Planning Ahead...What Will YOU Want?

As any business owner knows, you need to plan- how many of anything to get, forecasting what people will want well in advance and this is what Debbie and I have had to do for the year.  Planning our animals for an entire year.  Why would we do that?  Well for a few reasons, first off, it takes a lot longer than most people know to grow our animals especially for holiday times and we need to count backwards from holidays to know when to get these animals.  We also need to know so we can plan on where all the animals will have shelter and proper facilities.  Except a few free foraging chickens that stay out all night in the warm weather, everyone goes inside a house at night to stay safe from predators and to ensure that they are getting the proper roost space.  

For anyone who knows for sure that they want a goose, duck or turkey at thanksgiving or Christmas or a special occasion, it helps to order (even now) and what's better is you're guarenteed to have that goose/duck/turkey as we do sell out and coming up with our numbers is a prediction based on numbers from the year before.

Debbie Hansen