Ethical Chicken

Have you ever wanted something so bad but it compromised your ethics?  Right now we sit in that dilemma with our meat chickens.  We sent our last few chickens for processing this past week but now we faced a decision, do we get more meat chickens now or wait for spring?  This is where our ethics come into a big play; while we are a year round farm we have to grow fodder (green food) to supplement the fact that there is no grass just snow and any meat chickens we hypothetically would get right now would never live to see the fresh green grass which plays a major role in our free range organic model of farming.  Its difficult, wanting so badly to expand but at what cost?  In the end we felt that we couldn't compromise our ethics, our model of farming, or really just coop up the birds who would be miserable for the rest of the winter.  

It is with a heavy but grounded heart to say we will not be having another batch of meat chickens until the spring when the ground is back to being green and the animals can forage in the sun just like they were meant to.