Growing Challenges

Last March my daughter Avery and I picked up 12, 1 day old black sex link chickens and brought them home to grow them into egg laying chickens.  Naively I thought, 'how hard can this be' (apologies to all farmers out there); and I did have plans to get many more birds but later in the season.  The first few days were full of excitement in the chores and making sure the birds were comfortable but as time passed and more birds came so did the easy part.  There was a steep learning curve.  A fellow farmer told me that there is a struggle that every farmer faces as sort of an initiation into farming.  I sure faced that.  

When Debbie and I joined together to form Fox Poultry we both joined our collective knowledge of the steep learning curve we have both faced in our respective farms and how we could overcome the problems we both faced.  We had both faced that initiation but the thing about farming is you never stop facing challenges.  

Its one thing to think five steps ahead and anticipating the market and what people will want; but our most difficult challenge right now is pricing.  As a small free range farm where we only give our animals GMO-free, Antibiotic-free organic feed and we give organic fodder and treats that we feed our animals; its difficult to keep our prices competitive.  We want our customers to know that we will have a new pricing schedule coming out as our older price schedule didn't reflect production costs as we had to switch to a new processor in order to get the newer cuts that were in demand.

We hope people will still find value in the products that we provide; we care deeply for these animals and we would not do anything to compromise the value or the integrity of what we provide.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or fill out a form under the contact us tab at the top.