Welcoming New People Into the Fold

When Debbie and I started Fox Poultry we had a vision and our vision has expanded to include providing fresh chicken every other week starting in May including specialty cuts, chicken and duck eggs, duck, goose and turkey.  In order to do this we needed to realize that only 2 people couldn't do this.  We did however discover a program called WWOOF which caters to people who want to learn organic farming in exchange for free room and board which is a perfect fit for us.  So far we are hosting 2 people and in April we will host 2 new people.  It's like adding new people to our farming family- being able to teach them our farming methods but also learning something from them at the same time.  

We've also been getting our farm ready for spring as there will be an abundance of animals- so much work and planning has to go into getting ready for when the new animals come.  We already have our first batch of ducks and its week 3 ALREADY!  They are getting so big, not a single day goes by that I am amazed by how fast Mother Nature moves.  We still get some bits of snow here and there so we have them in our giant cackellack to give them some respite from the weather but there is lots of wheat and buckwheat that we have grown for them and they are still small enough to enjoy the abundance of space.  Soon enough we will be able to walk them around outside without fear of them getting chilled.  Meanwhile all of our other animals here on the farm enjoy the outdoors every day pecking at the newly exposed grass and the new things going up in the yard.

We have been starting more of our vegetables inside which will eventually be transplanted outside but need a good head start.  We also do sequences of different plants to keep an abundance of certain vegetables throughout the summer like watermelon which is a fan favourite of all of our poultry friends.  Plus we grow as much as possible to feed ourselves and cut down our grocery bill so starting indoors is paramount to success.

Debbie Hansen