Preparing for the Storm

For days we have been preparing for a storm that is days out.  At a normal house you just need candles, water, backup chargers, flashlights, and food but here at the farm it’s a whole production.   We filled up every gas can we could find for the generator, we got the generator out, made sure the generator worked, had a bushcord of wood delivered (then had to stack it next to where was convenient to access), have the oil topped off, get extra straw delivered, reinforce the hen house, have the drainage system emptied, all in the name of an ice storm.  And once we did that all we could do was wait.  Luckily we only lost power for a day and all the animals survived (except a Toulouse baby goose).  But it goes a long way to be prepared.  The ice storm hit us hard but we had a nice hot fire stove and the animals got the heat and water they needed thanks to the generator and they all had each other as did we.  Once the storm had passed we had to clean out all the houses that we were so busy filling with straw to keep dry and let them out since they had a bit of cabin fever (as did we...we didn't let them out in the ice storm) but all of our trees survived and all was well.  Now we are looking to better temperatures and better things that spring brings!  

Debbie Hansen