Babies Galore

There are constants on every farm and things you can count on and for us it’s that spring time will bring babies.  We currently have baby chickens, baby Pekin ducklings, baby Emden geese, and baby Toulouse geese.  Right now one of our Toulouse geese is named 'footloose' because it can't stop moving, like she dances through life, not staying still- its quite cute.  We are taking name requests for our other Toulouse geese; if you're not sure what they look like they will grow to be grey and brown plumage with orange beaks (you can find pictures on google).  They are all pretty active except one who just likes to eat a lot.  So submit your names!  We'll make sure to announce the winners who will win a package of duck or chicken eggs (your pick).

The difference between our Emden and Toulouse geese is that our Emden geese will have all white plumage with bright orange beak and webbed feet, right now our Toulouse geese have black webbed feet and black beaks so its easy to tell them apart.  We are also incubating our own duck and goose eggs right now; a class took some pekin eggs and have them in an incubator and when they are big enough they will come back to the farm.  Our appleyard and rouen ducks along with our Chinese geese have laid eggs that we suspected were fertilized so some of our chickens in Escala (one of our chicken houses) are sitting on them acting as natural incubators for us.  We have the eggs labelled and we turn them every day so that the yolk sac doesn't get stuck on one side of the egg.  You see the way it works is if you suspect your eggs are fertilized and you want them to become babies you need to incubate them and provided they are incubated properly they will form into a baby.  After 10 days of being incubated we will candle them (shining a bright light on the egg which in no way harms the egg) to see if there is a duck growing (you can see a little spider like thing growing inside with veins) or nothing which just means it wasn't fertilized.  I must emphasize that if you don't incubate the egg regardless if it is fertilized it will not grow into a baby.  They can only grow under certain conditions.  So we are trying our best to hatch our own.  I'll make sure to take pictures and post them as we go through the process.  You can follow the process on Instagram @FoxOrganicPoultry or on Facebook #FoxOrganicPoultry.

In the meantime we have a lot of non-fertilized eggs (they were all candled/graded) for sale (both chicken and duck).  My every weekend chicken egg eating husband has even switched to duck eggs so you should try some; they are quite the delicacy!  The duck eggs come in a convenient 6-pk so you don't have to commit to 12 especially if you're new to duck eggs.  (Once we have our goose eggs up and running you really need to try them- they taste just like chicken eggs but are the size of your fist!). For $5.00 you can try a 6-pk of duck eggs or $9.00 for a dozen.  We deliver to select areas so get ahold of us and we will try to accommodate you the best we can.  Our chicken eggs are $6.00 a dozen.

Until then, enjoy your eggs!

Debbie Hansen